Sunday, 9 April 2017

Where it all began.

I will always look back at The Peacock pub in Nottingham fondly, not only because it was where i first became a barman but also because of the memories that were made and friendships that were formed. In fact it is still my first choice for a meeting point when i'm back in my hometown of Nottingham and catching up with friends. The funny thing is i never set out to be a barman, i certainly enjoyed being on the punters side but could never imagine anything worse than having to serve drinks to the drunken masses... how naive i was. I have honestly never looked back. I have found a love for the connection between server and customer, the sights, sounds and even the smell of a good old pub or bar makes me feel at home. Beyond that i have developed a huge interest in the science of it all; how to create a perfectly balanced cocktail, how all the human senses come into play and how to modify century old recipes to the preference of the drinker. Its amusing to me that i was once nervous about the prospect of pulling a pint of real ale and now i am creating this 'how to' blog to inspire the inner mixologists in you all.

Now i am by no means the best cocktail bartender out there but i am not half bad, I am very confident in my ability to serve a beautifully tasting well presented cocktail and it is now wish to share with you some of the cocktails i have learned throughout my journey, some classic recipes and some amazing signature cocktails. I will also be conducting some reviews of the bars in and around Manchester providing you all with my honest and unbiased opinion, sampling what the city has to offer in terms of great cocktails.

until next time,
peace out!!
'The Honest Bartender'

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