Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Pornstar Martini

The Pornstar Martini was named after me because of all my antics in my early 20's... joke! Although my bedroom door did resemble a revolving door i can not stake any claim in its name. This fabulous and tasty cocktail is a favourite all over the globe and there are many ways in which you can make one. My recipe is one i was taught when i first started making cocktails and it has stayed with me as i have yet to try one that tastes as good.

37.5ml Vanilla Vodka
12.5ml Butterscotch Schnapps
50ml Pineapple Juice
25ml Passion Fruit Sugar Syrup
15ml Lemon (freshly squeezed)
12.5ml Egg White


  1. Fill Boston glass with all the ingredients (including egg white).
  2. Give the mixture a 'dry shake' (without ice, this helps to emulsify the egg and bind the mixture. whilst ensuring the cocktail will have a decent amount of foam on top of the finished cocktail).
  3. Add ice (full) and shake again.
  4. Strain the finished cocktail into a Martini or coupe glass. 
  1. Slice a passion fruit in half and gently place it into the top of the cocktail. 
  2. Take a Shot glass and pour in 25ml of prosecco and serve. 
*37.5ml = 1.5 shots)*

So let me explain my methods here as i can hear some of you cringing about the idea of adding egg white to the mixture.. it is completely safe as the ice eliminates any possible danger (although small) that the egg may cause. The egg whites help bind the mixture and give it a nice substantial head. If you still are not convinced feel free to leave it out but you will notice the difference in your martini presentation wise. I love serving these because it makes me laugh that when people order them they get very excited that they get an extra bit of booze with the prosecco garnish... this is a traditional thing and it serves as a bit of an aperitif, this is because the Pornstar Martini is a sweet cocktail and the prosecco provides balance because it is very dry. You can either choose to pour the prosecco into the martini or you can sip it alongside it, personally i like the martini as is so i just neck the prosecco as im a bit of a heathen like the majority of punters i serve them to and there is nothing wrong with that... or am i just a savage in denial? Stop judging me! I should also add that if you don't have any access to buttercotch schnapps and don't fancy forking out for a bottle you could always just up the amount of vanilla vodka to 50ml or add a passionfruit liquor instead e.g. Passoa (37.5ml vanilla vodka 12.5ml Passoa). I used Monin passion fruit syrup for my Pornstar Martini as it is a very reliable and easy to find brand, i appreciate that not everyone will have a bottle of it at home. I got my bottle from Amazon for about £8 and i use it a lot not just for Pornstar Martinis but for a number of rum based tiki cocktails. I think it is great to have in for when you fancy a cocktail so i would definitely invest in a bottle just beware that there are a lot of Monin syrups out there so try and avoid developing a obsession for collecting lots of various flavours like i have although they are great... Its too late for me! I hope to see you all channeling your inner pornstsars and drinking a lot more of these bad boys.  

Until next time,
Peace out!!
'The Honest Bartender'

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